Gazetteer II (English)

Gazetteer II (in English) by Sir James George Scott. This is the entire “Chapter VI: The Shan States and the Tai” (pp. 187-331) of Gazetteer of Upper Burma and the Shan States: V1, Part I. It covers such topics as The Tai Race (origins and spread); History; Tai Racial Characteristics; The Shan Country; Crops of the Hill Tribes; Shan Trade; Minerals; Old Tai Capitals; The Southern Tai States; Decay of Shan Power; Burmese Administrative System; The Number of the Shan States; The Myelat; Titles of Chiefs; Titles of Shan Sawbwas; British Occupation; The Northern Shan States; The Northern and Southern Shan States; Tai Religion and Customs; Birth;

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Location of Keng Tung

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