Route One (Audio Only)

Full Route Audio

February 27th – March 25th.


Day by Day Audio

Kianghai (Chiang Rai) to Kiang Tung (Keng Tung)

February 27th.

February 28th.

March 1st.

March 2nd.

March 3rd.

March 4th.

March 5th.

March 6th.

March 7th.

March 8th.

Sojourn at Kiang Tung (Keng Tung); and Journey back from Kiang Tung (Keng Tung) to Kianghai (Chiang Rai)

March 9th.

March 11th.

March 13th.

March 16th.

March 17th.

March 19th.

March 20th.

March 21st.

March 22nd.

March 25th.

Location of Keng Tung

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