Icons in the children's room

Icons are indispensable in a children's room. The image of the Guardian Angel and the eponymous saint - the child's deputy - are the very first images that should appear in the nursery. They will provide help and protection from troubles. These icons from yantar.ua bring a touch of elegance and spirituality to any nursery, providing a sense of comfort and divine presence. Children can turn to these holy images with prayers and requests, knowing that their Guardian Angel is watching over them.

Ікона Янгола Охоронця

Icon of the Guardian Angel made of amber

Any icon is of great importance in the life of a believer, and the icon of the Guardian Angel is no exception. Each person has his own angel who protects him from misfortune throughout his life. This is a perfect and sinless creature, created by God, endowed with certain duties, including telling his ward how to live according to God's laws.

From the very birth, the baby is protected by the Angel, therefore one of the first icons of the child should be his image. The shrine can be presented to a child immediately after birth, or presented as a gift for a christening, Angel's Day, or birthday. If for some reason an adult does not yet have this icon, it is never too late to buy it even in adulthood.

The image of an angel, like the image of saints, has certain features. So, a young man of unearthly beauty must hold in his hands a staff (a symbol of God's messenger) and a cross (his ability to warn and save a person from danger), wings (a symbol of heavenly origin and speed), an eye in his forehead (a symbol of clairvoyance).

The image can be of any size, decorated with gilding, carvings, ornaments, and precious stones. The most effective icons are decorated with amber because this ancient stone itself has properties to protect against misfortune, cure diseases and attract grace. The icon of the Guardian Angel made of amber will become an irreplaceable talisman companion for a child.

Icons or pictures in the children's room?

Many young parents wonder why and how to decorate a newborn's room. Will the pictures be appropriate in the children's room or should we refrain from such decor until later times? What definitely won't bother a child is images of saints. Religious parents are inclined to purchase them to create an additional protective aura for the newborn. Whose images should be present in the nursery?

The Church recommends placing icons of Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, the eponymous saint, and the Guardian Angel in the baby's room. For a child with poor health, you can add an icon of Panteleimon the Healer. The images of these protectors and saints should be addressed in all life difficulties with a request to protect from misfortune, promote well-being, and cure diseases and misfortunes. You can buy a name icon, as well as other images both in the church and by ordering through the online store. After purchase, the relic should be consecrated in the church and only then placed in the room.

Where to place the icons in the children's room? There are several options for their placement:

  • Above the head of the bed
  • On the eastern side of the room (the prayer should be performed facing east)
  • In the far right corner from the entrance. If the previous two options are not possible, then the icons can be placed on the penance in the highest place.

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